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The first review of the fourth leg of the Global Spirit Tour is in and it's a great way to kick this leg's reviews off. The review is a joint effort by Natalia Burgos from Colombia and Jimena Parra who had a home gig as she is from Lima itself. From what I've seen of the Latin American shows, each one has been special with an incredible atmosphere and this review from Natalia and Jimena illustrates that perfectly. Thank you so much for the words and pictures Natalia and Jimena.

Being in Lima, it’s definitely a privilege to see Depeche Mode.  This concert was highly awaited in Peru since the announcement of the South American leg of the Global Spirit Tour a bit more than a year ago, and that’s a very long time to wait for DM's first performance in the country since 2009. I also wanted some local input (because I'm from Colombia), so I asked Jimena Parra to join in to help me capture more details, because I'm not very good at putting things down in words and I take really lousy photos (actually I don't take any, these gigs suck all my attention and energy), so she is a great ally. 

Peru has the advantage of having very organised and active fanbases that have been persistent in spreading out the information about the band and the tour, promoting all kinds of events and celebrations to keep the devotion alive and kicking. I was very pleased to even see a DM themed exhibition called "World in my Eyes" (Jimena is one of the organisers) and even a special edition of the local drink "pisco" with beautiful Violator rose printed on the bottles. So in a nutshell, this is a pretty special place to be for a DM gig. I tip my hat to all of them.

Photo from: Biblioteca Nacional del Peru (Flickr page)

Now to really dig into the subject. When the 18th of March finally arrived, there were already people in line at the National Stadium, from different corners of the world; it was a pleasant surprise to find devotees from La Paz Bolivia - they did a 30 hour bus trip-to get to Lima! (that proves devotion, isn't it?). We also saw groups of devotees from Ecuador, Chile and Argentina and an English fan too. This event was far from being a normal concert and people were waiting patiently for it.

Photo by Jimena Parra

The queue started from early in the morning (a few people started it on Saturday) and the organisers were on top of things, so the entry went smoothly and we got right into the front rows, near Martin’s side. That was a prize position after waiting for lots of hour under the hot sun. 

The opening act was  a local band called Cementerio Inocentes, with a very interesting and loud vocalist. After this performance the Peruvian audience had to wait for an hour until the lights were turned off and the Beatles guitar riff for Revolution started to play. We all knew that we were in for a musical treat; we could see the tiny walking boots projected on the screens.

And after that, AT LAST, we had Depeche Mode on stage! The crowd was respectful, not too noisy, but Jimena and I were yelling and clapping most of the time. My goodness you don't see the Mode everyday down here! It's the opportunity of a lifetime. Out came Dave prancing for Going Backwards, we were seeing him right there, a few meters away from us, all dressed up in red and black, pairing with silver glitter boots (just like my fingernails :P).

Photo by Jimena Parra

Tracks like It's No Good, Barrel Of A Gun and A Pain That I'm Used To made the crowd dance. The projection during Useless attracted our attention, it's great to see Anton's recent work with DM in action. I am an Ultra lover and I have a feeling that the set list was tailor made for me! 

After that DM played Precious, a song that appeals a lot to the fans here in South America, World In My Eyes featured Dave grabbing all his junk - see below! Cover Me was a highlight and that was when Dave did his first appearance on the catwalk. During all this first part of the show, Dave was very sexy with this dance moves, interacting with the audience.

Photo by Jimena Parra

Then it was Martin’s turn to run the show, with Insight and Home, my goodness, he's something like an angel performing, with his beautiful guitars, black finger nails and eyelids. He's appearance is almost supernatural; I'm always in awe of this absolutely wonderful man. 

Photo by Jimena Parra

Then we got to witness the Spirit single, Where’s The Revolution, which had a good response from the audience, we could hear everybody singing. 

That was followed by a bunch of classic tracks like Everything Counts (one of my personal faves during this tour), Stripped and the ever present Enjoy The Silence and Never Let me Down Again, with the arm waving part that is such an entertaining and beautiful sight. 

After a brief encore the show continued with Martin’s very own version of Strangelove before Dave returned to stage with the delightful Walking In My Shoes, A Question Of Time and the big closer of the night Personal Jesus, leaving the crowd all pumped up. We always want more! 

It's such an experience, I am so very glad to have had such amazing luck of seeing them live several times, surrounding myself with lovely and helpful devotees that enhance and make all this preparation process much more fun (and bearable). It's so exciting to get things together and meet up, it gives such a wonderful sense of community. I guess that it's all about, seeing the Mode with your soulsisters and soulbrothers :D

And hopefully we will see them next time in Latin America! It’s a daydream but you never know!


Thank you Natalia and Jimena!

Friday, 9 March 2018


Hot on the heels of her Vilnius review, Polina Lipezina returns to give us her take on the last show of the third leg of the Global Spirit Tour - the show at Olimpiski, Moscow on 25 February. Thanks very much for this great review Polina and for the photos too. An excellent way to finish off the third leg of the tour

At first, it seemed that it would be awesome to write about the last concert of the European tour. About the concert though, I realised I am going to have a break from Depeche Mode for several months… No, guys, that’s not cool. After pondering this fact for 15 minutes long, I didn’t have a clue where to even start. 

I will probably begin with words of gratitude to the organizers. All of us, who have been at least once to the Olimpiysky Stadium knows what kind of hell goes on there! Seriously, always, with any concert! This time the organizers managed to launch the concert well. Yes, it wasn’t perfect and there is still room for improvement, but this small victory of common sense has planted a seed of hope for the future shows… I really hope that it will only get better later! 

As for the concert, it was somewhat strange itself. I feared I would be torn apart by emotions, as this time there would be no concert two days later where I could see the guys again, just as it had been during the past two weeks. But nothing of this kind happened. Yes, after Precious I had a little meltdown, but then I got myself together and tried to remember every second of the event, what I obviously didn’t do. How do people remember the concerts anyway? It’s impossible! 

Compared to the my previous concerts (Saint-Petersburg, Vilnius, Riga, Minsk, Helsinki), the Moscow crowd seemed like one of the best singing crowds. Maybe it was also the matter of the fact that we were one of the biggest crowds of the winter tour? 

The warmup pleased me again, I even regretted that I won’t hear Black Line again. But what can we do is wait to see in four years what Martin, Dave and Andy will prepare for a warmup… 

From the very start of the concert, or more precisely first 5 minutes before its started, we all waited for the photographers, as usual. What shocked me – there were only three of them! This is very weird, I have personal explanations to this, but I don’t want to spread rumors. But that was cool as during the first three songs you can finally wave your hands as much as you please, without any fear of knocking a photographer off :) 

It is one of those many concerts (probably starting with November) when on seeing Dave on stage in the distance I am bothered by only one question: what colour outfit does he have on and, in particular, what colour are the shoes? Some weird female stuff. In winter I was actually bothered by another question: where are his red shoes?! In the end, in Moscow, as in many other towns, I wasn’t lucky enough to see a red costume, but Dave wowed everyone with gold. 

Overall, nothing could disturb a smooth almost familiar concert, apart from those times when Dave’s microphone was far too quiet. Thankfully that was fixed pretty quickly. 

As for unusual things I could probably point out that Dave specifically called this concert “(t)he last.” I have no clue what he meant by that, but prior Cover Me he said the following: “This is our last show tonight, just for a little while. So hope you are all enjoying yourselves”. I hope he was only referring to the show being the last Moscow one on this tour. 

At the exit of the catwalk there was a surprise for Dave: there was a really large distance in Moscow between the catwalk and the barrier. So, with all the effort it was really difficult to reach out for Dave, barely with the fingertips. I cannot remember in any winter show distance that long. 

At the end right after Home when Dave presented the entire band, he said, that Moscow was the best of all! 

I also noticed that Dave was grimacing a lot towards Martin. The reason for this, as I understood after the bow, was a duo sitting offstage, Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris (musicians from Black Line), to whom Dave rushed to give hugs. I think it was cute. I liked them as well, I’d hug them too, if I could! 

“See you some other place, some other time, thanks so much, goodnight!”– David told us as a goodbye. As for us, we will just say: See you next time!


Thank you Polina!

Monday, 5 March 2018


Not that Depeche Mode fans are odd people or anything, but, like me, I'm sure you'll be delighted to see that this is Part 101 of the Global Spirit Tour Project. For this auspicious occasion, Polina Lipezina returns for part 1 of her 2 part end of third leg reviews. As you may recall, Polina reviewed St Petersburg in July  and, as well as Vilnius, she'll be reviewing the Moscow show for us too. Thanks very much for this and the pictures Polina and congratulations on being Part 101!

After the concert in Saint Petersburg, which to me was an exceptional one (not the best, but special) there was also Riga. It was exceptional in its way, too, since it was the first tour during which I was celebrating my birthday on the go. Very interesting experience. And here comes Vilnius - the penultimate concert of the European leg and my 16th concert of this tour. Honestly, I expected very little from Vilnius from the very beginning. But every concert is something unusual and new. And so I, as usual, am writing about my emotions. :)

The special songs of this concert for me were Going Backwards and, as is traditional, Personal Jesus. But we will talk about it later.

As usual in the frosty morning we stood outside the Siemens Arena in expectation. As with Riga, this concert was the first to Vilnius on the tour and I had an early entry ticket. In Riga the early tickets' organisation left me with a positive impression. What’s going to happen in Vilnius? 

I will tell you for sure, that if you didn’t enjoy standing in the queues in summer, you definitely haven’t stood there at -15 degrees! It’s horrible! It’s hard! It’s exhausting! Is Depeche Mode worth it? Absolutely!

Having suffered in the cold, at 17.30 we entered the arena. As part of the early entry merchandise specials, we received a tourbook, a silicone bracelet and a familiar laminate all packaged into a cellophane. Probably selling leftovers?

It was however great to be out of the cold!

To sum up, the entrance to the arena was a little worse than in Riga, but not bad overall. For the first time it was pretty decent.

However, enough about small details… Warmup! Yes, I like this warmup! Douglas –  straight from the Dave Dancing School! It seems the closer the tour gets to the last Black Line performance in Moscow, the more he digs it!

Before I begin my description of the most important concert, I really need to point out that in the winter part of the tour I  wanted to see a lot of Dave on stage… Sorry guys, I just can’t help it! :)

So what so special happened in Vilnius? Going Backwards –  it felt like my song for the first time, thank you Dave that you sang it for me. By the way, don't you just love those emotions you feel when Dave notices you amongst the others? I do. It was amusing. During the whole Delta Machine tour I wanted to get a high-five, but because of the short arms I couldn’t reach out… But at one of the concerts he reached out personally to me. Anything can happen, you just need to believe. :)

Alright, let’s go back to Vilnius.

The main specialty of the concert was Barrel Of A Gun. It was the first time I saw Dave so angry… One time he stood up on the stage, crossed his arms behind the back, seemingly looking ahead of him, but he was looking at one of the photographers and then his loud “Fuck you!” boomed across with a gesture saying “get the hell out of here”. Incredible! Was it real? But then, literally a minute after Dave stepped over the loudspeakers that were right in front of him and waved at the same photographer. If only you could see that! At the very end he moved angrily something on stage with his foot… I don’t know what it was, but it looked just as frightening as it was interesting. You can see it here:

However, it went on just fine: Dave was smiling, was doing his dance moves and was the same usual Dave who we all are used to.

In Riga Dave couldn’t sing Personal Jesus without making mistakes. But in Vilnius it was splendid.

Regarding the audience, I had a feeling that people could  bea little bit louder. Then again, I myself acted pretty lazily the entire concert, for some reason I only wanted to watch the show. It’s hard to say what the reason was. Maybe Dave’s mood affected that? During A Question Of Time when we need to sing along, Dave was extending his hand with the microphone to the audience, and waited, listened, in the end he gave up, implying that we sang really poorly… And I pretty much agree with him.

I can’t say that I didn’t like the concert, but it was lacking some fire, dear Lithuanians. But I suppose, next time it will be great. :)


Thanks Polina

Saturday, 3 March 2018


The internet can be a wonderful thing. As we saw the other day, after much pleading on my part, Jan Ronald Stange saved the day with a St Petersburg review. Last week however, I got an email from Alina Akhtarina with a review of that show after she'd been contacted by a Russian Depeche Mode fanpage on Facebook that I'd been in touch with. It was such a kind gesture and so I'm delighted to present Alina's review, part 2 of the St Petersburg reviews. Thanks so much Alina for this and the pictures and thanks too to Andrew Sankin for telling Alina all about the project.

Pleasure for Russian fans

Let's go back to 16th of February, to a country where -20°C is the normal temperature during winter. This city is Saint Petersburg, Russia where Depeche Mode is our long-awaited guest in our country. 

First I’d like to say without too much detail about how awfully unorganized the concert was. I would like to share that none of the staff took any interest or care about how the fans were treated. Those of us who had bought the early entry ticket option did not get access properly as we had all expected. This was a real disappointment because many of us were expecting the nearest standing position to the stage. We were close but no where near where we had hoped to be . This wish simply never came true.

There were some other points which also affected some of the attendees. We weren’t allowed to bring any water in to the Arena and there apparently was none for sale at the show either. This made for a real problem during the show. It was unusually hot during the opening act. We hoped that we would be offered water but the security weren’t very much help. One guard said that there wouldn't be any offered. All I can say is that I hope future concerts held at Saint-Petersburg's "Sports And Concert Complex” Arena will be handled with more care by the organization. 

I can’t believe it’s already been a week with memories still flowing through my mind. Let’s get back to the show itself. 16th of February St. Petersburg, holds a concert for one of the greatest groups ever, Depeche Mode. This would be their fifth visit to Russia on this tour. Some of you may know that the first time DM ever played Russia was back in September of 1998 on the Singles Tour. This would be the second time I attended the Global Spirit Tour. The first (also in St, Petersburg) was back in July of 2017. 

I’ll tell you about the view from my perspective, a 17 year old girl, who was standing in the second row of the fan zone. The support act was the group BlackLine. It started unexpectedly and all of the audience was full of expectations. The band performed some of their well-known songs. It was pretty good, many people were singing along with BlackLine. Afterwards, only a few minutes left until the show began. Depeche Mode will never let their fans down and the show was simply amazing. Dave Gahan's moves were graceful, his voice fascinating and everyone was enjoying sharing this moment in time. Martin Lee Gore's playing was perfect as always. His solo songs which were performed brilliantly and all of us listened attentively.

Andy Fletcher who as usual was dancing like a young inspired boy behind the keyboards. Peter and Christian did their best to add something new to the sound of the show as a whole. They brought a freshness to some songs with musical reinterpretations of some of the older tracks. 

Let me come up with some details. Was there any differences with the other performance of Global Spirit Tour from July? I believe, there are. Dave unfortunately forgot the first lines of the 3rd verse of Going Backwards. How did he get away with it? Dave played it off like nothing was wrong. He shared a look with Martin, they laughed a little and continued performing. As they say “the show must go on” and it looked like everything moved along as usual. The song itself for me is a real masterpiece. 

It may be of interest to note for some fans that DM’s initial visit to St. Petersburg back in July; Dave didn't use his exploding air cannon with those t-shirts. This time however, someone got a lucky ticket. The atmosphere was majestic. I can say that band as a whole enjoyed their audience and didn't want to end this show. While they were leaving the stage, they sent us many, many kind signs. “See you next time, St. Petersburg!”

Set list for the 16th of February 2018 concert can be found here :


Thanks Alina!

Thursday, 1 March 2018


When I started this nonsense off, I wondered how many gigs I would able to cover as I presumed that people would say thanks but not thanks to any review request. Happily and to my eternal surprise and delight, that has proved to be wrong and, as you've seen, many people have given up their time to take part. It continually amazes me. Anyway, by the time the St Petersburg gig was about to start, I had no reviewer lined up. It had nearly happened in Hamburg until Claudia, Thomas and Michael saved the day, but this time, I was convinced that I'd run out of luck. But no! Marcel De Groot, a Facebook friend of mine and hereafter known as the saviour of St Petersburg, stepped in and suggested Jan Ronald Stange from Notteroy, Norway as he knew Jan was there. So here is Jan's review. As you'll see in the link at the end of Jan's review, he also writes for Sideline among others, so make sure you check out his other work. Thanks so much for stepping in Jan and thank you for this great review with accompanying pictures (all Jan's unless credited otherwise). I owe you one!

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
For over 30 years, actually since the Black Celebration Tour in 1986, I’ve been attending every tour at least once, sometimes more, and will probably set a record with five concerts this tour. Most concerts, including the first and the last, have been with my lifelong friend John-Erik, and when we saw the 2nd European leg being added we started discussing where we should go. Initially we considered Helsinki, but the floor were quickly sold out, and after having being poorly seated at our first concert of the tour in Stockholm we didn’t want crappy seats again!

The closest concert, which also was close to the weekend, was St. Petersburg – in a country we hadn’t been before, and would also the easternmost place we’ve seen DM.

Feb. 15th: After some hassle with visas a few weeks before, we were finally on our way from Oslo, and with 6 hours between transfers in Riga we managed to see some of this city too. Arriving in St. Petersburg, we hit the bars at Nevsky Prospect, looking for a “secret” beer place, Beer Geek, well hidden in a backyard. We found it. And later when having a late dinner we even ended up talking to some girls who actually knew what Depeche Mode was – or so they claimed, probably chatting us up to get us to go to a “friends new bar” ;)

Outside the stadium

Feb 16th: Concert day! Started with a lunch where we met up with a Russian contact of John-Erik, Dmitri, who was there both for the concert and some DM CD’s brought to him from Norway. A bit funny when we found out he and his wife actually had traveled a longer distance than us, as their home city of Izhevsk was further inland in Russia and in our opposite direction.

The rest of the day before the concert was spent strolling around St. Petersburg, including a visit to Kazan Cathedral, the most DM related name there. After seeing all the the icon-kissing Russians one might wonder about the actual meaning when naming the PJ remix… satirical I hope!

Approaching the SKK stadium made us feel the closest to “home” as St. Petersburg could offer – not a familiar face in sight, yet a similar feeling to other venues where the Black Swarm would gather… weird, isn’t it?! Just proves once again that, after all, people are people.

All prejudices against vodka-drunken Russians gave way to a calm, but excited, ambience among the people in line and inside the stadium. Maybe not so surprising after all – they only sold coffee and Budweiser (!!!) there. And no drinks were allowed inside the actual venue either, so no worrying about people spilling beer during the concert.

Not having seen Black Line before, we were there just a few minutes before they got on stage. Douglas McCarthy & co played seven energetic songs in their warm-up set – well worth seeing!

The concert itself was excellent; no surprises though, and same setlist as the previous in Minsk and the next in Helsikini. Hearing Martin sing I Want You Now was probably the biggest treat, haven’t heard that one at my previous concerts in Stockholm or London. Having It’s No Good, Barrel Of A Gun, Useless, Insight and Home at the same concert made us think “this is the Ultra tour we never got in 1997!”

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

The audience was great too, with much younger fans than in London and most other places we’ve seen DM. And again: very well-behaved!

The only thing to complain about was the horrible expensive Russian 3G/4G prices for my Norwegian mobile subscription, so no real time streaming or SoMe posting during the concert. :/

Feb 17th: A day of sightseeing and *drinking* ;) Well, not that much, but slightly in a Russian style. After seeing the Winter Palace/Hermitage, walking around the “Admiralty” district, we ended up at a well planned destination a block from our hotel; the Museum of Russian Vodka. Was planning to dine there too, but some heavily decorated military oldies and their wives occupied the restaurant, probably sending someone off to retirement. We did get the tour of the museum and some sampling afterwards – highly recommended! 

Jan (left) and Michael Draw (right)

After dinner we met up with Michael Draw, the singer of the Russian dark wave act Otto Dix, and his girl friend, and spent the rest of the night talking about talking about music, Russian culture and mentality, languages and linguistics, more music, Rammstein, food, ballet, MMA, and showing him his music on Spotify – a real surprise for Michael!

Feb 18th: Going home again, with a wish to return to a St. Petersburg without snow or ice!

PS! Do also check out my other writings @ – mostly Norwegian & friends releated, but lot’s of DM fans like some of these artists too 

Regards and “see you next time!” from
Jan Ronald Stange


Thanks very much Jan!

Monday, 26 February 2018


This review is by Thomas Wargocki from Vienna. Thomas runs the Austrian Depeche Mode fansite Depeche Mode AT  on Facebook, a site I'd highly recommend. Following his hometown show on 4 February, Thomas was struck down with the flu, a fate that has befallen a number of reviewers. I assure you that it's not a side effect of writing for this blog. Anyway, happily Thomas is now better and here is his excellent Vienna review. All pictures are from the Black Cat Net site. I've used some of Dani's pictures previously on this project. If you haven't checked out her work, do that once you've read Thomas' review - she's got some sensational pictures of this tour and many other artists' shows.

Four years after their last visit, the British synth pop kings Depeche Mode shone in a full to the brim Viennese town hall with a set stacked more than three decades of band history. Dave proved impressively at 55 that with his intense voice and impeccable stage presence, that he is one of the best front men in the world. 

In the indoor of their almost two-year long "Global Spirit Tour" , they finally visit  Vienna - almost to the day exactly four years after their last gig here. A return visit here by the British there is long overdue. Depeche Mode have always been good to Austria and thousands of Austrians are good to their favorite band. The organizers were able to hang the "sold out" sign out weeks before the concert at the Wiener Stadthalle. An unmistakable sign that Dave Gahan and Co. have lost none of their paralyzing fascination even after 38 years of  their career. 

Perfect Entertainment 

With their last studio album Spirit, released in March 2017, the band went on the offensive and articulated unexpectedly politically views. Precarious times require special measures - it's therefore a pity that hardly anything from the album can be seen on this tour. Only three songs of this strong work remain in the setlist this evening. The single Where's The Revolution clearly stands out due to the theatrical gestures by Dave. Resist and defend the beginnings. Do not like anything. Do not let yourself be crushed. The message arrives, but evaporates in the wake of enthusiasm. 

And how well Dave does this job! One may not think it possible that the constantly pirouetting dancer on the stage front is 55 years old, so light-footed and nonchalant  as he whirls from one corner to the other, without getting short of breath. Behind him, the Austrian export Christian Eigner drills precisely like clockwork on his drums. To the left of him,  Andy is sometimes a bit lost behind his keyboard. On his right, Martin Gore with urgent guitar melodies acting as the backdrop for the hedonistic Sunday Mass. Songs like Barrel Of A Gun, Everything Counts or World In My Eyes are the sound of a band unmistakably sticking to its best decades, yet the anthems from the early days create an atmosphere of pleasant timelessness. The examination of the past is intensified by an unusually powerful and compact sound, which unfortunately is far too rare to hear in Vienna's largest concert indoor location. 

Applying the brake

Even though the stage is no place for speeches, Dave thanks the audience again and again to the cheering delight of the fans. He conducts the crowd from the front of the stage and then again from in front of the gigantic video wall. He is quite the ringleader - much more so than he was 30 years ago. Before the big hits come, the band romp through the first half of the set with a colourful potpourri of their most diverse tracks. For example, there's the heavy Going Backwards for the opener, the intense and outstanding Precious and the industrially cool A Pain That I'm Used To. The only significant weakness in the evening is the unintentional destruction of the arc of suspense. Following the terrific Cover Me with Martin's acoustic Insight slows the show down too much.

The same thing happens towards the end of the set. With Stripped, Enjoy The Silence and Never Let Me Down Again, the boys fire three of their greatest hits one after the other into the hall and provide a euphoria. Even if, instead of the ultimate more than two hour concert, the band had ended the set here, it would have been a fitting finale. The acoustic Strangelove, sung by Martin, in as unnecessary dampener, starting off the encore slowly. Even with Walking In My Shoes, A Question Of Time and the final Personal Jesus following it, the sets fails to ignite once more into a rousing finish. However, no-one is dissatisfied or disgruntled tonight. A Depeche Mode gig is still high class entertainment on the verge of perfection and that can only be said of a very few bands in the Champions League of touring bands today.

Hopefully see you next time!!!!


Thank you Thomas.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Alan Lines returns to reviewing duties following his Vancouver review from October. He's certainly managed to catch a good number of gigs on this tour. His latest one was Riga on 20 February and here is his review. As you'll see, the crowd in the seated part of the arena were subdued to say the least, but Alan made the most of it. Thank you very much for another great review Alan and thanks to Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group for letting me use pictures again.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Hello fellow Devotees! I’m writing this on our way by coach to Vilnius after another great night of modeness in the beautiful town of Riga. This is our ninth concert of the tour and my second review.

We arrived in town on Sunday and the build up was really good, lots of DM fans in town and we had a lot of fun in the DM bar too. There appeared to be a good showing from the UK, Germany and especially next door Lithuania. I have to say up front we were a little concerned after the 2014 concert here that the atmosphere would not be good but we had front row seats in a good sector. Our days of getting to the venue at 5 and queuing are long gone, we just love to get reasonably good seats and immerse ourselves in the whole night. So after a few beers in the DM bar we headed off to the venue arriving at 8.15 to find ourselves sat among some very sombre looking people. No matter my black nail varnish and feather man hat will liven them up. Water aid advert tension builds. Luckily none of my workmates will read this because by this time I always have goose bumps!!!

Mr Black Feather Hat and Black Nail Varnish Man aka Alan

8.45 prompt and the Beatles intro kicks us off.  (I’ve even got goose bumps writing this!). The first couple of tracks whizzed by and were well received by the standing audience. I’m no music critic but at this point I realised what a totally professional band DM are. Aside from the hardcore standing, they were getting nothing back from the rest of the arena and still Dave in particular worked his magic, encouraging the crowd at every opportunity. Barrel Of A Gun was a highlight -  I just love that ending. Fanzone started to get really good from that poiunt but from where we were just can’t say anything more than the band were spot on until things moved to the next level with Cover Me.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

"WILL YA?" -  YEEEEESSS. Dave looking good on the catwalk. Was it me or was Birthday boy Peter spending a little more time up front today? Felt like his sound was turned down a little today so less booming and I particularly enjoyed Christian’s drumming. Martin time, as my kids would say he was "totes amaze." I, however, would say mesmerising and very much appreciated by the crowd. A little go at a sing along and then a deafening roar from the crowd when Dave introduced the group one by one. In Your Room and I’m singing at the top of my voice (hang on said my, wife youve been doing that all night!) Martin's vocals during In Your Room.... oh those goose bumps again. Where's The Revolution wasn’t recognised by many at the start but Dave soon got everyone going.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Everything Counts -  sorry purists but who doesn’t love that new intro. Finally I explode and jump up and start dancing but am firmly put back down on my seat (as in 2014).  Martin now bouncing around a fair bit and good hands from Fletch as the concert powers on to the Never Let Me Down Again finale. Lots of hands and as the band walks off, the roof nearly comes off!

Encore, nice rendition of I Want You Now and then the classic Walking In My Shoes. I can now take no more and join a small group standing in the aisle for a maximum effort A Question Of Time from Dave and a rousing Personal Jesus from all the group. And then finally at last, a happy birthday sing a long for Peter and much waving to the crowd from the group, particularly from Andy as they leave the stage. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
As always still on a high after the concert when we meet up for a post match beer with our good friends Marius and Vaiva who came over from Vilnius. Sorry everyone if this reads badly or seems over critical. I’m writing this on the coach relying on David’s spell checking and sitting at a DM concert in Riga really is a different experience.


Thanks Alan